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  1. Montana City Rushes Camera Ordinance, Plans to Shorten Yellows
  2. More Tickets in Hard Times
  3. Speeding Tickets Are About Money, Not Safety
  4. Red light camera controversy - CNN video
  5. Red Light Camera Companies Exploit Victims to Push Florida Law
  6. Alabama Legislature Approves Red Light Cameras
  7. Revenue Low, Yonkers Dreams of Green From Red Light Cameras
  8. Group Identifies States Least and Most Friendly to Motorists
  9. Texas Senate Endorses Freeway Spy Cameras
  10. Traffic Camera Lobbyists Score Big Win in Texas Legislature
  11. Tennessee Authorizes Statewide Freeway Speed Camera Program
  12. Rear End Accidents Prove Deadly
  13. Obama Transportation Appointees Like Speed Cameras, Tolls
  14. Arizona License Plate Law to Preserve Photo Ticket Revenue
  15. Red Light Camera Program Returns to Virginia
  16. California Legislators Prepare to Unleash Speed Traps in Pasadena
  17. Arizona Legislature Prepares to Defend Photo Radar
  18. California: Grand Jury Slams City for Short Yellows
  19. Texas City Caught Trapping Drivers with Short Yellows
  20. Tennessee Highway Patrol Ticket Quota Uncovered
  21. Canada: Errant Speed Camera Tickets Slow Drivers
  22. Citizen Petitions Put Photo Enforcement Companies on the Defensive
  23. Canada: Lawsuit Targets Winnipeg Speed Camera Vendors
  24. Road Safety Group Argues for Return of Rational Speed Limits
  25. California City Makes a Million From Split Second Mistakes
  26. Ohio City Jumps the Gun with Speed Camera Tickets
  27. Maryland Cities Create School Zones for Speed Camera Use
  28. Texas: Accidents Increase at Controversial Red Light Camera Intersection
  29. New York Governor David Patterson Pushes Speed Cameras
  30. Indiana Lawmakers Push Freeway Speed Cameras
  31. Tennessee City Defies State Legislature, Renews Traffic Cameras
  32. Traffic Camera Company Seeks to Rewrite Arizona Law
  33. California: City Refunds $1.4 Million in Illegal Traffic Camera Tickets
  34. Arizona Senate Panel Approves Photo Ticketing Expansion
  35. Federal Appeals Court Embraces Speed Cameras
  36. Virginia Governor Kicks Off Massive Photo Enforcement Expansion
  37. Red Light Cameras Increase Accidents in Baytown, Texas
  38. South Carolina Considers Alternate Penalties for Slightly Speeding
  39. Controversy over speed cameras on I-95
  40. Colorado Springs expands photo enforcement
  41. Cookeville TN Police to permanently patrol Highway 111
  42. Kansas Legislature Approves 75 MPH Speed Limit
  43. Balancing Budgets on Drivers' Backs
  44. Speeding Tickets Can Raise Insurance Costs 53%
  45. Federal Judge Overturns Public Vote in Houston, Texas
  46. Speed cameras could blanket nearly half of Chicago
  47. Thanksgiving travel to hit record level
  48. Denver Collects Fines On Drivers Who Stop At Red Lights
  49. Speeding Tickets infographic from AutoBlog.com