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BeltronicsPro April 13th, 2018 11:02 AM

Introducing GT-360
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Introducing GT-360
360 degrees and lightning fast response, precision filtering for truest alerts, and definitive speed trap information via the driving community with our proprietary database

MSRP: $549

GT-360 delivers the following:
UNMATCHED DETECTION – 360 degrees and lightning fast response
Protection in all directions Front and rear antennas scan completely around your vehicle and pinpoint signal location.
Fastest Response DSP technology finds threats faster and more accurately.

UNMATCHED PRECISION - Five levels of filtering for truest alerts
Pinpoint Accuracy - GPS-based AutoLock uses GPS technology to learn your route and eliminate falsing.
Standard Filtering Highway, Auto, AutoLoK and Auto No X modes filter out common false alerts.
Intelligent Filtering AutoScan reduces false signals by varying sensitivity with vehicle speed.
Custom Filtering Cruise Alert Filtering minimizes alerts below user-specified speed.
IVT Filtering Minimizes false alerts from moving In-Vehicle Technology sources such as collision avoidance systems.
App-based filtering Filtering available when connected to ESCORT Live changes alert tones below user-specified speed using area speed limit data.

RICH DATA – Definitive speed trap information via the driving community and our proprietary database
Crowd Sourced Alerts Bluetooth-equipped to connect to ESCORT Live app for real-time community-based speed trap notifications
Defender Database Preloaded with thousands of red light and speed camera locations.
Web Ready Easily update camera locations and software revisions via the USB port and our website.

SIMPLE COMMUNICATION – Responsive alerts for effortless location and identification of threats
Directional Arrows Intuitively display location of threat relative to your vehicle.
Customizable High Resolution Multi-Color Graphic Display Clearly displays signal type, strength and quantity and even compares your speed to speed limit when connected to ESCORT Live.
Voice Alerts Clear voice alerts in English or Spanish promote focused driving.
Dual-Language Choose English or Spanish text and voice alerts.

FULLY EQUIPPED – A complete package for the ultimate plug-and-play experience
SmartCord USB Premium power cord features convenient USB charging port, power LED, alert LED and Mute button.
EZ Mag Mount™ Revolutionary mount is the simplest and steadiest on the market, connecting to GT-360 with a mere touch and eliminating bouncing.
Travel Case Convenient case is perfect for storing and carrying the Beltronics GT-360.
Quick Reference Guide Includes simple steps for use right out of the box plus instructions for custom settings and software updates.

Note that GT-360 is currently only available from select retailers. is not offering GT-360 directly.

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