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Pontiac G8 June 2nd, 2009 09:08 PM

Direct wire cords
I would like to use this for my new 9500xi,but I'm not sure where to connect to in the fuse box, any instructions?:o

MEM-TEK June 2nd, 2009 09:55 PM

My preferred method for installing a direct wire cord is to use an add-a-circuit. This is an item which is available at most auto parts stores. Its pretty simple to use -- you crimp (using a crimp tool) the positive wire of the hard wire cord to the add-a-circuit, then you find a switched power fuse terminal in your vehicle's fuse box, you remove the existing fuse and plug it into the add-a-circuit's lower fuse slot, then you install a 2A or 3A blade fuse into the add-a-circuit's accessory fuse slot.

Thus, the end result is that you simply plug in the add-a-circuit into the original vehicle fuse slot to not only power the original vehicle item, but also to power your radar detector. Then, all that is left to do is to find a bolt under the dash, preferably rather close to the vehicle's fuse box, and attach the direct wire kit's ground wire under the bolt, preferably by first crimping on a spade connector.

Its too late this evening for me to take pictures of my hardwire kit's installation, but I will tomorrow so that you can see both how to and how easy it is to do the installation.


BeltronicsPro June 3rd, 2009 12:25 PM

A 3M Scotchlock T-tap wire splice is included with our direct wire kits.

The kits come with directions for using the splice. You just need to find a switched 12V wire (car stereo is a good source). Switched is important so that the detector isn't left on while your vehicle is off. If left on overnight, the detector can drain your car battery. You also don't want everyone that walks by your vehicle in a parking lot to see the pretty blue display lit up begging their attention.

Our direct wires already come with a screw lug and a blade crimped on to them.

The add-a-circuit solution which MEM_TEK described also works well but is not included with our kits or sold by us, you would have to purchase it separately elsewhere.

MEM-TEK June 3rd, 2009 05:36 PM

I hate those T-tap wire splices. Years ago I worked at a high end car stereo shop. You have no idea how many times we had to rewire home installed car stereo systems where the customer had used T-taps in order to get really good connections and to get rid of alternater hum. Far better is either crimp connections done with a proper crimp tool or soldered connections covered with heat shrink tubing.

Yet on the other hand, including the T-tap makes sense since this type of connector is by far the easiest for virtually anyone to install.


Pontiac G8 June 3rd, 2009 07:47 PM

Thanks for the info.

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