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Default BELTRONICS rx65 euro

My name is Adrian and i am from Romania.
In Romania we have only K band radars,no X, no Ka, very rarely laser.
The main threat is front K instant-on, detectable if i have a "rabbit" in front of me,and MORE DIFFICULT back K instant-on,theoreticaly detectable with a "rabbit"in front,if the forward facing antenna horn is picking up a reflection from the rabbit's car.
I have an detector BEL RX 65 e, M4 antenna, with K pulse on/off in menu, but no RDR on/off in menu. From an previous answer from Beltronics, i know that in this case RDR (radar detector rejection) is alwais enabled.
RDR is only for filtering Ka emissions from leaky detectors ,making two or more sweeps of Ka band before setting an alert.This allow the detector to confirm if the initial alert is real or false.
I have three questions for Beltronics:
1.If i disable Ka band( Ka off),that kills the sweep off Ka band or just the alert to those frequencies?
And if Ka off means no sweep of Ka band,RDR is also off, or the detector is still searching for false alarms in Ka band, wasting time with negative impact on others bands detection?
2.If i put my BELTRONICS in Ka USA mode the detector scans only 33,8 Ka,34,7 Ka and 35,5 Ka
In this case RDR is off like on the old S7 RX65, or the M4 version of USA mode still applies full Ka filtering?
I ask questions 1 and 2 because RDR off is the main way to boost the reactivity of the detector and i want to know the correct mode to do this.
3.In ROMANIA there are no K pulsed guns like ISKRA and other SIMICON guns.
In this case K pulse on improve the response( time reactions,sensibility) to K instant-on or not?
What are the correct settings for ROMANIA K on and K pulse on or K on and K pulse off?
With hope of an quick and complete answer,
Best regards
Adrian Petrescu

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