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Old November 15th, 2015
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Hi Steve,

I keep reading posts from people who use Waze and Escort Live. I have never used either one, but maybe I should start to investigate both of them and possibly start using one (probably Waze) in the future. Thanks for mentioning them and getting me to start thinking about using at least one of them as an additional aid to my defenses.

If you drive thru N.J. on you way to FL, use caution if you drive on the NJ TPK. NJSP have unmarked cars (black 4-door chevies, unmarked SUVs, and cars that are called Ghost cars - they are black 4-door chevies with no visible red or blue lights until they are activated by the trooper. The Ghost cars do have NJSP markings on the driver and passenger doors but the markings are in a very, very faint white paint that you will hardly see it until you are alongside the car). If you put N.J. State Police Ghost Car into a google search, you will see what they look like.

Enjoy FL during the winter. I put the SL55 under a car cover in my garage during the winter, and the E55 does not go out if there is any snow, ice, or salt on the roads.

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Old November 15th, 2015
balpo balpo is offline
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Originally Posted by AMG HAMMER View Post
Hi Balpo,

I do NOT have Distronic Cruise Control in either one of my M-Bs. Nor is there any type of Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM), nor lane control, etc. There are no electronic signals being emitted from my two M-Bs except for my ALP "parking" sensors.

Sorry I could not help you more.
Thanks for the reply! Anyone else figured out how to get Distronic and STIR plus to co-exist happily?
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