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Old May 2nd, 2014
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Default Ford F-150 STi-R Plus

Well, I thought I might as well post this on the official forum, too.

Antenna up front:

The ****pit:

The Galaxy S4 (Phone on upper left) is signed in to live, and used as the display and controller for the Plus. The Galaxy Tab on the lower right is hardwired in, and runs Waze, and YAV1, with with the V1 permanently muted, and the overlay display active. I only use it for the arrows to help locate bogeys.

To the lay-person, this is the only CM piece visible in the cabin. People don't usually know what EL is. The Speaker is an exception, but it's mounted at the back of the passenger side footwell, and people don't really notice it. The GPS antenna is on the passenger side, but like the Android as display, people just don't associate the little antenna as part of a CM.

The V1 is mounted right in front of me. There are 4 levels of black double sided tape under the right suction cup to level it when pointed straight ahead on the curved portion of the windshield.

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