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Old November 21st, 2011
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Default Thanksgiving travel to hit record level

Thanksgiving travel to hit record level
By Larry Copeland, USA TODAY

Excerpts from the article:

As annoying as it can be to sit in Thanksgiving traffic, particularly when you don't know what's causing it, nothing puts a damper on the holiday spirit like getting nailed for speeding in those areas where it's not congested especially when the ticket costs as much as a summer vacation.

Drivers will want to be particularly careful in Illinois and Virginia, where the maximum penalties for speeding top out at $2,500, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Rounding out the list of the 10 states with the highest maximum speeding fines: Georgia and Nevada, $2,000; Florida, Indiana, Minnesota, North Carolina, $1,000; Utah, $750; Iowa, $625.

But it doesn't take a mega-fine to take one's mind off the turkey and trimmings; even a run-of-the-mill ticket will do the trick, says Powell, who got stopped for speeding in South Carolina in 2007. "You're already dealing with the stress of seeing family, packing everybody in the car, dealing with the traffic," he says. "But then you get a ticket, and that just makes it all worse."

Powell, who says he sped up to pass a dawdler and was caught on radar by a trooper on an overpass who radioed ahead to another trooper, was fined $150. "It sure seems like the cops aren't out there to protect you but they're looking at this as a financial opportunity to meet the year's budget," he says.
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