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Old October 21st, 2015
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Default Beltronics GT-7 vs. the Escort Passport Max

I just put together a comparison video between the new Beltronics GT-7 and the Escort Passport Max.

The GT-7 is basically a Max (not a Max2) with a new name, new case, Bel sounds, and a lower price, so pretty slick. I actually like the case more than I thought I would since it's more bronze in person and not as orangey as the marketing material suggest.

There's also some smaller differences like the screen is sunken in to the case a little more which provides better shading against the sun which would otherwise wash out the screen, you can make the screen copper colored (instead of amber) which suits the detector better, and the names of some features have been changed (AutoLearn is now AutoLock, Spec Display is Tech Display, etc.).

I'm finding that the 33.6xx falses from the Max have unfortunately carried over to the GT-7 as well. The GT-7 I have also seems slightly bouncier than the Max2 I have, independent of which stickycup mount is used, and I suspect it might be due to the GT-7's physically larger design and additional mass at the front of the unit which creates more leverage against the mount. That's just my guess though.

I think a detector like this should include BT like the Max2, but I can see it as an option to save money. Perhaps Beltronics will release a GT-8 one day?

Overall I like the unit. The colors are surprisingly cool in person, I love the Bel sounds (which have been improved over previous Bel units), the price is lower, and the display should be slightly less susceptible to being washed out in bright sun. I think it'll be a good option for people who want a Max but with a different look.
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