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Old May 12th, 2009
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Default Question: what are the differences between STi-R and RX75

A common question we receive is:
"What are the differences between your custom installed systems: the STi-R, the RX75 Plus, and the RX75 Remote?"

The RX75 Plus and RX75 Remote are both based on the same radar platform as the windshield mounted RX65. Both RX75 systems share the same integrated display/controller module. The only major difference between the two RX75s is the inclusion of laser shifting with the RX75 Plus for complete protection to radar and laser. The RX75 Remote can incorporate laser shifting by purchasing the ZR4 laser defense system separately.

The STi-R system is based on the industry leading radar architecture used in the windshield mounted STi Driver. This provides the STi-R with best in class radar detection plus it is undetectable to all radar detector detecors with our TotalShield technology. The STi-R includes redesigned hardware such as separate control and display modules that are smaller and provide greater flexibility to install than the RX75 systems. For the very experienced radar detector user, the STi-R features advanced options such as selecting from 10 portions of the Ka band to scan instead of the entire Ka superwide band.

In a nutshell, the RX75 systems provide excellent radar and laser protection as well as laser shifting protection with the RX75 Plus all in a discrete custom installed system. The STi-R is for those that demand the most extreme performance, would benefit from TotalShield stealth technology, and would like the controller and display modules mounted separately.

Many consider our custom installed systems the most effective "mod" that they have ever installed to their vehicle. A mod that can easily end up paying for itself!
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