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Old August 13th, 2013
jbreiner jbreiner is offline
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Default Keep it simple

With all the discussion about RD mounts I'll share with you the easiest, simplest, cheapest, most easily removable and concealable solution I have found after 30 years of messing with these things. Buy a good quality, rubbery, non-slip (made for cell phones) dash pad for about $4 bucks max at Best Buy unless you can find one at the Dollar Store for $1. Provided you are not someone who's nuts about mounting the RD especially high on the wind screen this works the best IMHO. Put it on the dash near the windshield, forget the rubber suction cups and sliding metal brace thingy and all the other crap; snug (the RD) up against the glass on the no-slip pad and it won't move unless you run off the end of a bridge and roll the car up-side-down. It's easy to remove and hide the RD or put it back in place anytime and anywhere on the dash you prefer. When this (excellent, cheapo) mount wears out or you want separate ones for each of your six rides go buy a few more for a couple bucks each. You won't believe how much "RD MOUNTING" aggravation it saves.
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Old December 5th, 2013
rquinley rquinley is offline
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"jbreiner" appears to have saved me +/- $40 and possible other problems with his "Keep it simple" approach. I really did not want a large beanbag mount on my dash but in spending a lot of time researching on the web it appeared that would be my only option given that RD windshield mounts are illegal in Calif (but GSP mounts are not in specified locations- go figure!). I bought the Handstands "Sticky Pad" at Auto Zone for $5.99; couldn't find anything similar on the Best Buy website.

I have not yet received the Pro 300 ordered from Crutchfield, but I tried the sticky pad on the dash using a cell phone and it worked just fine. My Nissan Altima sedan has a flat and deep dashboard and the RD on the sticky pad will not be obstructed by either the windshield wipers or the "masking" windshield perimeter. From what I have found on the web, a low mounting near center of the windshield is the most effective location for the RD.

If for some reason the sticky pad idea doesn't work out after using it to mount my Pro 300 I'll follow up with another posting, but as of now my thanks to jbreiner.
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Old December 10th, 2013
rquinley rquinley is offline
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Join Date: Dec 2013
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Default Works Great!

Received the Pro 300 yesterday and mounted it using a dash sticky pad. Although this mounting flat on the dash may not work well with some auto dashboards, it works great for my Altima.

I might add that this mounting makes it possible to use the power adapter provided with the Pro 300 instead of having to hard wire to the fuse box to keep the power cord out of the way.
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Old October 13th, 2014
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Originally Posted by Sandee View Post
Does the tint strip effect its view and range?
Against laser? Most probably. Additionally, higher mounting in general results in poorer laser detection performance. They target reflective areas on your car which are lower, your front plate and/or headlights.

Against radar? Unless the tint strip has metallic content then there is no effect on radar detection performance.
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Old January 18th, 2015
cjf333 cjf333 is offline
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I have Beltronics GX65 & RX65 radar detectors and love them both. Their performance has always been very reliable over the years and I've recommended them to numerous friends. Aside from the great performance, I’ve had issues over the years with the suction cup mounting bracket and also the RJ11/phone jack style connection on the smart cord. The small piece of plastic that you have to press on the RJ11 to engage it into the port on the detector easily breaks off, which then makes it easy for the cord to pull out of the detector. Really wish there was a more durable connection style between the cord and the detector.

I've always used the stock suction cup mounting brackets for both detectors. However, they always have issues staying adhered to the windshield in colder temps and recently the pushbutton on my GX65 broke. The button assembly is integrated into the bottom half of the detector so I'm not able to use any suction mount mounts sold by Beltronics, even though I was ready to upgrade to the new Stickycup. The platform mount with the disc pad that Beltronics sells was not a preferred option for me. I was really worried that there weren’t more solutions for mounting until I saw this thread. So happy I found this tip about the non-slip dash pad, grabbed one for $6 at Autozone called the HandStands/Dashboard sticky pad and it works great, just have to remember to shift the pad around once in a while to avoid any UV damage. I may just get the same pad for my RX65 as I'm hesitant to invest the money in a Stickcup in the event that the mounting pushbutton breaks on this unit too.
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