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Old October 17th, 2012
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Exclamation BELTRONICS Announces Release of All New Professional Series V10 Radar Detector

BELTRONICS Announces Release of All New Professional Series V10 Radar Detector - New V10 Compatible with Industry-leading ESCORT Live(TM) Ticket Protection App

BELTRONICS, maker of the world's best performing stealth radar and laser detectors, has announced the release of a new unit, the PRO Series V10 Radar and Laser Detector, to be featured in Best Buy retail stores nationwide. In addition to improved performance, a new housing and a completely new style and look, the V10 is compatible with ESCORT Live™ ‘real-time ticket protection network’ app. For Best Buy consumers, the V10 offers unmatched performance at an attractive price point ($279.95).

“Our new Professional (PRO) Series V10 radar detector is perfectly suited for retail at Best Buy stores across the USA. Our focus with the V10 is to directly support Best Buy’s continuing push to provide their customers with premium brands and outstanding performance,” said Gary Oppito, BELTRONICS Executive Vice-President of Sales. “Both Best Buy and we are excited about the V10’s compatibility with our award winning ESCORT Live™ ticket protection app which connects drivers and allows them to see what other drivers see, automatically in real time,” he added.

Similar to the rest of the models in the new PRO Line, the V10 features enhanced levels of performance and convenience and a housing upgrade over earlier Professional Series models.

The new V10 is compatible with ESCORT Live™, the ultimate real-time ticket protection network. ESCORT Live™ delivers revolutionary radar and laser ticket protection by using real-time, cloud-based threat and information sharing among drivers throughout North America.

The new V10 includes a 25% performance improvement over the previous Professional Series models. When connected to the ESCORT Live™ ticket protection app, the V10 also includes the Defender Database of red light and speed camera locations for early warning.

ESCORT Live™, now available direct from BELTRONICS, uses Bluetooth technology embedded in SmartCord Live™ cords and a unique app for the driver’s IOS or Android smartphone. When alerts are detected, they are transmitted to the Live™ “cloud” and then broadcast across the Live™ network, notifying other drivers of potential ticket threats. In addition to these live alerts, the app includes the industry leading Defender™ database of speed and red light cameras as well as speed traps.

“BELTRONICS can provide the most advanced radar and laser defense on the market by utilizing the power of real-time, cloud-based sharing among drivers,” Oppito added. With the Pro V10’s connectivity to the ESCORT Live™ network, BELTRONCS is offering drivers the world’s most complete driver ticket protection package available anywhere.
Beltronics customer service is available from 9am-4pm Eastern Time Mon-Fri at 1-800-341-2288 or by live chat
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