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Old July 9th, 2010
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Default 04 Acura TL RedLine/9500ci/V1 install.

Updated install on my 04 Acura TL (pictures & Video):

YouTube - 2004 Acura TL 9500ci/V1 install

9500ci install is pretty straight forward and the key pad placement was perfect, very easy to adjust. The M3 antenna i wanted mounted in a higher position so i squeezed the ZR4 heads below. Hard to see unless your looking for them.
I had read about 3M tape helping with jamming so i installed it on my front and rear plates. Overall i think i am pretty well covered.

I had a problem with mounting the RedLine/V1-CD to the dots above RVM so i made a glass cut out and used heavy double sided tape. I figured it looked cleaner, plus its harder to see through my rear window and completely hides the RedLine/V1-CD behind the tint strip.

Also installed a V1 concealed display and remote mute/mode switch that can control the V1 and the CD. To allow for both to be controlled by the mute/mode button i used a regular telephone splitter:

Update! After the QT testing nine_c1, Riptide and i did we found the V1 interfered with the 9500ci QT response i decided to move my V1 to the rear position.

The V1 is actually under the business card box and the only cut out is for the front antenna. Way less falses and Arrows still work perfectly.

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