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Old October 12th, 2010
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Lightbulb how to make power cord for most bel radar detector

Thing you need:
a popular phone wire (RJ-11)
a 2 or 3amp fuse (not optional)

For radar detector models: GX65, STi Driver, RX65, RX55, 995, 965, 955, 940

For sur, take a multimeter and test your polarity from your original detector wire wich is the same type RJ-11 phone wire but inverted color. on those type of detector, positif and négatif are the two on the middle RJ-11 plug.
You need to check up the polarity and a cheap multimeter can tell you this by showing a négatif(-) before the voltage to tell you if its invert. so if you get the voltage whithout a neg(-), you are in the good way.
once you have checked the polarity, take a phone wire RJ-11 and cut it to your need. take care of the color while cuting it so that it will help you find wich goes where.

on you phone wire you have one red and the other green...

hook the green one from phone wire to the positiv connection comonly red on much 12v plug wich is the end of the plug. and the phone red wire to the black wich is the side ground on 12v plug.

add a fuse:
D'ont forget to cut the positiv wire(red) on the 12volt car plug and hook this up by ansuring it dosnt short circuit.(take care with this step)

for information only.


correct me if im wrong and sorry for my bad english.
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