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Old May 29th, 2009
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Default Mounting a RD above your RVM

Hi everyone,

A lot of people would like to semi-permanently mount their RD up high above their rear view mirror and/or behind the tint strip at the top of the windshield. Such a mounting location is ideal in conjunction with a hardwire installation, and is nice for several other reasons. A high mounting location gives the RD a clearer view of the road ahead, conceals the RD behind the tint strip to reduce the chance of theft, allows the RD to remain cooler during summer since the RD is both shielded by the tint strip and is partially shaded by the headliner, and generally gets the RD out of the way so that it isn't partially blocking the driver's field of vision.

Note that some states prohibit mounting anything to your vehicle's windshield or may only allow devices to be mounted to specific regions on a vehicle's windshield, so this RD mounting suggestion may not be appropriate for you.

Several months ago, while performing my RD hardwire installation, I decided that I would like to semi-permanently attach my RD's windshield mount bracket above my RVM. The problem is that my vehicle has a dot pattern overlaid near the top of the windshield, and this dot pattern prevents the RD mounting bracket suction cups from properly sticking to the dot pattern area of the windshield. The only adhesive tape that I have found which will not loose its adhesive properties over a wide range of extreme temperatures is 3M's VHB tape. I could have used double-sided VHB tape to semi-permanently attach the RD bracket, but I also wanted to be able to finely adjust the bracket's height in order to prevent my RD from contacting the top of my RVM yet still give me enough room above the RD to reach the radar detector's quick release button for the mounting bracket.

The perfect solution exists in the form of 3M's Dual Lock fasteners which are also sold at your local Radio Shack as their 64-2360 Hi-Temp/Hi-Strength Superlock Fasteners. These fasteners also incorporate 3M's extraordinarily strong VHB tape. The package says that these fasteners are rated for temperatures from -20 degrees F up to 200 degrees F. I have been using this stuff for over six months now and the adhesive is just as strong as the day it was installed. One pack of the RS fasteners contains four fastener strips.

A general view of the semi-permanently mounted brackets for my STi and 9500i radar detectors:

A close-up view of the brackets and fastener installation:

Both of my radar detectors mounted above my RVM:

An exterior view of the radar detectors:

-- First, install two strips on the inside of the windshield after first cleaning the mounting area with rubbing alcohol and a clean cloth. Try to align the rows of bubble grip beads when installing the second strip below the first strip.

-- Next, sandwich the suction cup part of the radar detector bracket between the other two strips, being careful to position the strips approximately 3/16" away from the bend in the bracket. Now, use a box cutter knife to remove the gripping beads from the strip which was attached to the back side of the bracket, or at least remove some of the gripping beads from the immediate area near the inside bend in the bracket. This is necessary in order to allow your RD to slide forward on the bracket without the top front of the radar detector's case being stopped by the gripping beads from further sliding forward. You can easily check to see what sections of gripping beads need to be removed by trying to slide the bracket into the slot atop your radar detector.

-- You may also want to remove 1/2" of gripping beads from the left and right sides of the strip which was attached to the front side of the bracket in order to create two non-gripping areas or pull tabs. These pull tabs will make it easier for you to separate the bracket/mounting strip sandwich from the strips attached to your windshield in order to reposition the bracket a bit higher or lower.

One final note: GPS enabled radar detectors, when mounted high on the windshield, may not be able to adequately receive GPS signals from the orbiting GPS satellites. You should first test your RD's GPS reception and ability to maintain a GPS lock when your RD is mounted high up on your vehicle's windshield. Sometimes simply lowering the mounting position by 1/2" or 1" is sufficient to allow your RD to both acquire and maintain a GPS lock. If, after your GPS enabled RD has been powered off overnight, your RD isn't able to get its initial GPS lock in under 60 seconds, then you have your RD mounted too high up on the windshield.

I hope this RD bracket mounting method works well for you!

Radar detectors which I use: STi, 9500ci, Max360.
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Old June 25th, 2009
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Good evening my friend!

What kind of tape did you use for this??? I'd like to do the same thing, so I can use my visor on a sunny day!


I went back into the message and noted your method of mounting. My bad!
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