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Old October 7th, 2015
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Default How to set up your Magnum with BS/RDR

Beltronics finally (woohoo!!!) added BS/RDR to their Magnum. I've got one in my hands at the moment and put together a walkthrough video on how to set it up with the new options.

The standard recommended settings for high performance while minimizing false alerts (and these settings can certainly be tweaked as needed) would be something along the lines of:

Highway Mode
X Off
K On
KaSW Off
Ka 2,5,8 On
Laser On

The video is about 18 minutes long so here's the where the topics are covered if you wanna skip right into the appropriate section:

0:27 Upgrading your Driver/Magnum to have BS/RDR
3:13 Sensitivity Modes
4:50 Standard/Inverted Display
5:21 Pilot display
5:42 Alert lamp
6:08 Voice alerts
6:24 Power-on sequence
6:53 Signal strength meter
7:56 Automute
8:27 Display brightness
9:05 X band
9:51 K band
10:21 Ka band
12:13 POP mode
12:21 Laser
12:27 SWS
12:35 TSR
14:04 RDR
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Old February 29th, 2016
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Awesome, very detailed explanation.
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