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Old July 14th, 2016
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Default How to Find the bands used in your area ??

I have been a Beltronics user for about 15 years. The detectors I have used over the years have saved me from unwanted attention more times then I can count.
I am now a owner of a STi Magnum, up from my 500.
The reason for the upgrade? I got a ticket! The cop pointed a speed gun at me. The 500 was in direct view of the speed gun, and no alert sounded! I asked the cop to show me the speed gun, and he had my speed and picture on it's rear display!
The 500 clean and was set at factory defaults.
So the STi M has 60% better detection ability. But what should it detect? There is a thread and video in this forum section that very well explains how to set up the STi M for more range by selectively turning off and on some Ka bands.
That is great to know, but if I turn off the wrong band for my area, well we all know what can happen.
So my really big question is; How do I find out what bands are used in and around my area of driving?!?!
I Live the San Fransisco bay area with it's 40+ towns, 5 counties all adjacent to each other in this large metropolitan area. With all the hills, valleys, and taller buildings I need the best reception possible.
Any suggestions would be most appreciated
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Old July 19th, 2016
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I can tell from the description that this was a LIDAR laser gun. Because of the narrow beam and that they aim laser at your headlights and grille, windshield mounted detectors can miss laser shots. Your best protection against laser is a laser shifter system, such as the Escort Laser Shifter Pro, which installs into the areas of your vehicle that are being targeted.
Beltronics customer service is available from 9am-4pm Eastern Time Mon-Fri at 1-800-341-2288 or by live chat
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