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Old October 28th, 2015
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Default GT-7 Review and performance results.

Beltronics GT-7

Some of the GT-7 basic features:

Display Color Copper/Blue/Green/Red.

Speed Display Displays current speed or Displays battery voltage.

Cruise Alert 20-160 mph Offers double beep alert tones below specified speed.

Over Speed 20-160 mph Reminds you when you exceed a specified speed.

AutoMute Automatically reduces audio during alert.

AutoLock Automatically stores and locks out false alarms.

Voice Voice announcements.

GPS Filter Enables GPS-powered features.

AutoPower Power turns on or off depending on your vehicle’s ignition and/or not moving.

Initial impressions after testing and a few hundred miles.

The Bel GT-7 is very much a Max in Bel clothing. Performance is good, GPS features are always great and a must for me. Over all its a really nice solid unit.

However the amount of K band falsing can be a bit much at times, which is why i am sure TSR K band filtring is defaulted to ON new out of the box. With TSR on its pretty quiet, but with it off it sniffs out every K false possible. The issue with leaving TSR on is inconsistent K band range, at times its good at times its really poor. You will have to determine if K band is used in your area or not and turn it off/on accordingly.

On to the testing!

RedRocket and i met up to do a little Ka 34.7 and K band testing to see where the GT-7 stands. Over all i was impressed and happy with the Ka results, K band no so much, especially with TSR on. We lost a good amount of range with TSR on, but not all runs sometimes even with TSR on it preformed like it was off.

The course was about 1.3mi long and the GT-7 provided about 4-5000ft range on 34.7, where as the V1 was on par with the GT-7 (~4500ft) and the RedLine beat it by a few hundred feet consistently. RX65 we threw in the mix couldn't really keep up.

On to the videos! You can use the signs and guard rails to the right as marker comparison to the different RD's.

GT-7 34.7 full course video (RedRocket got board so he shot me with laser, which i JTG BTW):

GT-7 Ka34.7 Compilation (just initial alerts):

For comparison here is the RedLine vs 34.7:

Bel GT-7 Vs K band with TSR on:

And with TSR off there was a huge improvement on K band:

And for comparison of K band on the same course this it the V1:
V1 3.872 {1,7,b,E,F,G (l/L)}
9500I Blue=x1 upgraded to ix.
9500I Red=x2
8500 x1
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