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Old September 16th, 2009
BATBAT1 BATBAT1 is offline
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Thumbs up GX-65 Suggestion

I would like to suggest a few Ides.. and what everyone things..

This past week, In TEXAS - it is no longer allowed to talk on the Cell Phone while driving through a School Zone during certain times..

I currently using the "OTHER" and mark location. The problem is it is not one way, I get the notice on both sides coming and going..

What I would like to see.

1. A alert for "School Zones" and based on direction.
2. A Alert for "No Cell Zone" Based on direction.

And for the School Zone, to be time, exact. Only alerts for certain times..

This has a GPS built in, so it does get the time from the Sat.. And not to alert on weekends.

I believe that the software, so that you could enter a time frame block, for all school zones.. And could be disabled when school is out.

What do you thing.

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Old September 17th, 2009
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Thank you for joining our forum and posting your suggestions BATBAT1.

I will forward them to our product development team.
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