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Old April 29th, 2009
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Default Detailed walkthrough of the Pro GX65 update process

Due to the rapid rate of safety cameras being installed in North America, we are releasing updates to our Defender database on a weekly basis. We will email you when an update to the database is available so please be sure to provide a valid email address when you register your Defender database equipped product at and be sure that your email software is not blocking our emails as spam.

To update your detector software you will need:
- A USB cord to connect your Detector to your PC.
- A power supply to power your Detector if you're working outside of the vehicle.
- The latest version of Detector Tools.
- An active internet connection during the entire update process.

Creating a new Download Account (first time updating only)

The first time that you download and update you will have to create a Download Account with With your keycode and serial number handy, logon to and fill in all of the required fields on the LEFT side of the page. Once the information has been entered you should be re-directed to a "Thank you for registering" page with a link to continue to the download page. Note that you do not need to fill in this information every time that you update your detector, just to establish an account. Use your Download Account login (your email address) on the right side of this page when returning to download future updates.
To complete updates with Detector Tools, your PC must maintain a connection, wireless or wired, to the internet during the entire update process.

NOTE: All previous versions of Detector Tools must be uninstalled before installing this latest version. To remove your older Detector Tools versions, navigate to the Add/Remove Programs (Windows XP) or Programs & Features (Windows Vista or newer) within the Control Panel. Wait for the list of installed programs to load and remove/uninstall any Detector Tools programs listed there.

1.Click the green Download button to the left.
2.A File Download box opens with the options to Open, Save, or Cancel. Click on OPEN.
3.Next, a download progress window will appear and display the progress of the download. After a short time, you should be presented with a window that opens to reveal a single file named "Detector Tools".
4.Double click the Detector Tools file to begin the installation process. You may be prompted to run or open the file, if so, please select run or open.
5.Now a Detector Tool Setup Wizard will appear. Click on Next to begin the installation process.
6.Read the License Agreement, and if you choose to, click on I Agree.
7.Click Next on all of the prompt screens that follow to proceed and eventually complete the installation of Detector Tools.
8.If the installation completes successfully, a black shortcut with images of a white screwdriver and wrench should appear on your desktop. Double-click this icon to open Detector Tools and begin updating your detector!

Running the Detector Tools software and connecting the detector to your computer.

If you are using a laptop, take your laptop to your vehicle.

Run the installed Detector Tools software by double clicking the icon on your desktop or find it under the "Programs" menu in Windows (note that you should be running the software that was installed on your computer, this is not the Detector Tools package that was downloaded). Note that the top of the Detector Tools program screen should say "No Detector Connected".
Connect the USB cord to your detector and power it on, you should receive a popup and/or a "ding" sound on your computer indicating that a device has been connected to your computer. Your computer may also notify you that it is installing drivers, this is normal the first time that a USB device is plugged into your computer.

With the detector properly connected, the top of the Detector Tools software should have changed to now show that the detector is connected and the previously greyed out large buttons are now colored in. The display of your detector should also be displaying "USB".
If none of this has happened then the detector's connection to your computer has not been established. Possible solutions: your USB drivers may need updated (try running Windows Update and restarting your computer), the USB cord is not plugged in all the way, or the detector is not receiving power (if the display is on then you have power). If you still cannot get the detector to connect to your computer then please call our customer service department at 1-800-543-1608 Mon-Fri from 8AM-6PM.

Updating the detector

Now that your detector is connected to your computer and you have the Detector Tools software running let's first update the firmware.

Click on the lower green button on the Detector Tools. The update process will begin automatically and your detector will be updated to the latest software version. If your detector already has the latest software instaleld, Detector Tools will warn you to not proceed with the update process.

Next click the upper large green button traffic camera button. Detector Tools will automatically begin the database merging process and merge the latest camer database locations into your detector's memory.

That's it! Your detector is now loaded with the latest firmware and safety camera and speedtrap database locations available.

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Old September 8th, 2011
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I presume this is somewhat out of date info now.... or I'm doing something wrong. I just got a GX65 with SerNo BJ prefix.

* It connects to my PC without the need of a power supply.
* The detector tools did not ask for the activation code on the green card in my box.
* the green SOFTWARE button said I have the current version and asked if I wanted to continue. I said yes and it did something, but I don't know what.
* the upper left button says it merges my data with your database. I don't have any data yet, but when I clicked it, It did do something. Is that what actually merges the latest Beltronics database into my detector?

The prompts and terms seem to be less than clear.

Also, is there a way to see what version of firmware is installed on the detector, and what version is available without actually just trying to update?

And being able to see the date-stamp of the latest database to download/install would be nice, as I could check it and skip it if its one I recently installed.
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Old December 27th, 2012
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Default updating the GX 65

So I did everything as above (with successful message that says it is updated as of 24 Dec 12, but now my detector will not power on. When I connect it back to USB it will display usb and allow update (it shows up to date). Can anyone assist?
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